Volunteers Invited To Join Public Archeology Projects At Manzanar, March 24-29 and May 26-30, 2017

The following is a press release from the National Park Service.

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INDEPENDENCE, CA — Manzanar National Historic Site’s award-winning public archeology program provides exceptional opportunities to learn about the past and help preserve the site and its stories for the future. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 and the 25th anniversary of Manzanar National Historic Site. In recognition of these significant milestones, Manzanar is hosting two public archeology projects, March 24 to 29 and May 26 to 30.

Volunteers will have the unique opportunity to assist the National Park Service in uncovering and stabilizing Manzanar’s historic administration and staff housing area. Participants will learn about both the common and contrasting experiences of camp staff and incarcerees as well as the differences between Japanese landscaping aesthetics and “western” military-style landscaping.

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2014 Public Historic Preservation Projects At Manzanar National Historic Site

The following is a press release from the National Park Service.

“Pool At Pleasure Park (later renamed Merritt Park),” circa 1943.
Photo: Ansel Adams

INDEPENDENCE, CA — The public is cordially invited to help make a concrete contribution at Manzanar National Historic Site this summer. Under the direction of National Park Service archeologists Jeff Burton and Laura Ng, two different volunteer historic preservation workshops will be offered:

August 15 – 17

In the historic administration and staff housing area, volunteers will be resetting missing stones, painting stones, and removing brush and sand from landscape features. Volunteers will be digging with shovels and small hand tools, cutting and loading brush, using wheelbarrows, collecting rocks to reconstruct landscape features, and occasionally screening sediments to retrieve artifacts. Read more of this post

Manzanar NHS Earns Coveted Award For Garden Restoration Work

The following was excerpted from two press releases from the National Park Service.

Block 12 Mess Hall Garden at Manzanar National Historic Site, after restoration.
Photo courtesy National Park Service

INDEPENDENCE, CA — The Society for History in the Federal Government has presented the 2014 John Wesley Powell Prize for Outstanding Historic Preservation to Manzanar National Historic Site for the restoration of the mess hall garden in Block 12.

The award stated that the Manzanar restoration project, which entailed uncovering and restoring the Japanese garden’s pond, stream, rock pathways, hills, waterfall, fencing, and other landscaping features and trees was, “…judged to be an excellent example of preservation and interpretation of cultural resources associated with the relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II. Through a combination of archaeological survey, historic photograph analysis, oral history, and historical document research, Manzanar’s staff and volunteers recreated a symbol of resilience, beauty, and peace within the larger landscape of racial prejudice.”

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Uncovering Community: Merritt Park Archaeological Digs At Manzanar National Historic Site

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Last summer, volunteers helped excavate Merritt Park at the Manzanar National Historic Site, perhaps the most well-known of the elaborate gardens built by the former prisoners of the World War II American concentration camp.

This summer, volunteers will once again have an opportunity to help uncover history at Merritt Park, where further archaeological digs will take place starting June 14, 2010 and ending on June 23. Read more of this post