Follow The Manzanar Committee On Twitter

LOS ANGELES — On April 20, the Los Angeles-based Manzanar Committee announced that they have established a presence on Twitter, the very popular “micro-blogging” social networking web site.

The Manzanar Committee’s Twitter feed, along with their presence on Facebook, their YouTube channel and their official blog are all part of their work to expand their outreach and educational efforts, especially to younger generations. Read more of this post

Manzanar Committee Forges Ahead On The World Wide Web

LOS ANGELES — Eight years ago, the Manzanar Committee took the plunge and launched its web site,, reaching out to the community in a brand new way with the hope of expanding its outreach and educational efforts to a wider audience.

“I think it started around 2001 or 2002, or maybe earlier, probably shortly after setting up the Committee’s first e-mail address,” said Manzanar Committee member Jenni Kuida, who spearheaded the effort. “It was pretty much my baby. I didn’t know anything about HTML [programming language used to design web sites].”

“I just came up with the domain name [] and started putting up stuff,” added Kuida. ”I knew how to upload photos and text and figured it would be a good opportunity to reach out to young people.” Read more of this post